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Sunday, 21 January. 2018
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Biannual Newsletter - Second Edition
Second Edition
UN Resolution 1325
UN Resolution 1325
A Vision for Palestinian Womens Rights Organizations based on the Global Study on the Implementation of UNSCR 1325
(Ten strategies for tackling issues pertaining to Women, Peace and Security)

The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy




A sovereign, independent, democratic, tolerant and inclusive Palestinian state, which grants Palestinians their basic rights, preserves their dignity, and enjoys international recognition and respect.



Established in Jerusalem in December 1998, MIFTAH seeks to promote the principles of democracy and good governance within various components of Palestinian society; it further seeks to engage local and international public opinion and official circles on the Palestinian cause. To that end, MIFTAH adopts the mechanisms of an active and in-depth dialogue, the free flow of information and ideas, as well as local and international networking.



In pursuing our goals and objectives, we recognize our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We will build on our strengths, address weaknesses, capitalize on potential opportunities and develop tactics to mitigate the effects of potential risks.

Our overall goal is to contribute to the building of a democratic State of Palestine. To that end, we will work to achieve two strategic objectives.

1. To enhance good governance in Palestine
  • Public policies supportive to women, youth and marginalized groups
  • Policies and decisions of the government supportive of democracy and freedom of expression
  • A government accountable to its constituencies
  • A government transparent in its spending
  • Women and youth are well represented in policy and decision-making bodies in government and civic institutions


Program policy intervention

  • Enhancement of women and youth participation in policy and decision-making (Public sector, local government and civil society organizations)


  • Empowerment through training and education (training activities and specialized modules)
  • Support in elections
  • Networking for focus and impact
  • Policy advocacy and lobbying


  • Policy dialogue and advocacy on promoting social justice and safeguarding of citizens' rights within public policies.

2. To strengthen national unity and international awareness of the Palestine narrative .
  • Palestinian parties and organizations are in consensus over the Palestinian political agenda and united towards liberation
  • The international community (official and non-official) is well aware of the justice and fairness of the Palestinian cause


Program policy  intervention

  • To enhance the internal political dialogue
  • Lead dialogue on key political issues
  • Support dialogue on international agreements concerning the Palestinians
  • Support consensus on key messages in the Palestinian public discourse
  • To promote the Palestinian narrative as a just and fair cause
  • Hosting international delegations
  • Publication of political opinions, facts and figures, Israeli violations of international law



MIFTAH's Strategic Planning Document 2017 2021


Board of Trustees - May, 2015

Board of Directors

  1. Hanan Ashrawi - Chairperson
  2. Rema Hammami - Deputy
  3. Abdul Qader Husseini - Treasurer
  4. Nour Odeh - Secretary
  5. Hania Bitar - Member
  6. Yousef Dajani - Member
  7. Khaled Kaloti - Member

  8. Azmi Shuaibi
  9. Hashem Shawwa
  10. Raji Sourani
  11. Honaida Ghanem
  12. Ola Awad
  13. Tami Rafidi
  14. Samer Khoury
  15. Abdul Mohsen Qattan
  16. Khalil Jahshan
  17. George Salem
  18. Sabih Masri

Chief Executive Officer
Lily Feidy

Board of Trustees -Before May, 2015

  1. Ziad Abu Amr
  2. Maha Abu Dayyeh
  3. Hania Bitar
  4. Rima Hammami
  5. Khlil Hindi
  6. M. Abdelqader Husseini
  7. Khalil Jahshan
  8. Rashid Khalidi
  9. Ghassan Khatib
  10. Sa'id Khoury
  11. Khaled Kaloti
  12. Sabih Masri
  13. Abdul-Muhsen Al-Qattan
  14. George Salem
  15. Eyad El-Sarraj
  16. Azmi Shuaibi
  17. Hashim Shawa
  18. Raji Sourani
  19. Sawsan Fahoum-Jafar - Chairperson, Board of Trustees
  20. Hanan Ashrawi - Chairperson, Board of Directors


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