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Thursday, 30 July. 2015
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UN Resolution 1325
UN Resolution 1325
Studies on Palestinian Textbooks

The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy




An independent, democratic and sovereign Palestinian state, which grants Palestinians their basic rights, preserves their dignity, and enjoys international recognition and respect.



Established in Jerusalem in December 1998, with Hanan Ashrawi as its Secretary-General, MIFTAH seeks to promote the principles of democracy and good governance within various components of Palestinian society; it further seeks to engage local and international public opinion and official circles on the Palestinian cause. To that end, MIFTAH adopts the mechanisms of an active and in-depth dialogue, the free flow of information and ideas, as well as local and international networking.



  1. To disseminate the Palestinian narrative and discourse globally to both official and popular bodies and decision-makers
  2. To empower effective leadership within all components of Palestinian society in order to enhance democracy and good governance and raise public awareness concerning the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship
  3. To influence policy and legislation to ensure their safeguarding of civil and social rights for all sectors and their adherence to principles of good governance
  4. To bolster MIFTAH's capacity and its capability to achieve its objectives and mission efficiently and effectively


Board of Trustees


Ziad Abu-Amer

Maha Abu-Dayyeh

Hania Bitar

Rema Hammami

Khalil Hindi

M.Abdelqader Husseini

Khalil Jahshan

Rashid Khalidi

Ghassan Khatib

Said Khoury

Khaled Kaloti

Sabih Masri

Abdel-Muhsin Al-Qattan

George Salem

Azmi Shuaibi

Hashim Shawa

Raji Sourani

Chairperson, Board of Trustees
Sawsan Fahoum-Ja'far

Chairperson, Board of Directors
Hanan Ashrawi

Chief Executive Officer
Lily Feidy


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