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Monday, 25 January. 2021
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Biannual Newsletter - Eighth Edition
Eighth Edition
The Constitution
Introductory Bulletin
The Constitution - Introductory Bulletin
MIFTAH's True Stories section includes factual stories depicting the daily suffering of the Palestinian people. This section is about ordinary Palestinians whose stories have been overlooked and forgotten. The views presented in these stories do not necessarily reflect the views of MIFTAH, but rather compliment its mandate of open dialogue by providing a wide platform for these tales of hardship

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Denied the Right to Go Home
By: Zeina Ashrawi Hutchison
June 25, 2008
Ramadan Ended! Now What?
By: Dana Shalash for MIFTAH
October 26, 2006
Children will Judge
By: Margo Sabella
July 27, 2006
A Thirsty Flinstone in Palestine
By: Dana Shalash for MIFTAH
July 19, 2006
The Real Violence of the Occupation
By: Margo Sabella for MIFTAH
July 19, 2006
A Five-Year Old Palestinian Child and Israels Security!
By: Rana Qumsiyeh
May 09, 2006
Easter 2006
By: Annika Thornell Shanab
April 28, 2006
Ice Cream
By: Rami Bathish for MIFTAH
April 20, 2006
What Peace Really Means to Israelis
By: Avigail Abarbanel
December 06, 2005
The Insides of Pain
By: Tala A Rahmeh for MIFTAH
November 16, 2005

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