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The most recent poll prepared by Dr. Nabil Kukali revealed that:

  • (73.0 %) of the Palestinians support at present a Palestinian-Israeli calm period.
  • (49.4 %) oppose the suicide bombings inside Israel.
  • (67.4 %) are in favor of calling on Hamas leadership in Gaza to retreat from the "military decision".
  • (70.5 %) oppose the decision made by the Palestinian government in favor of the “clearance certificate".
  • (72.5 %) evaluated their economic situation as 'bad'.

Beit Sahour – The Information Bureau:

In the most recent poll prepared by Dr. Nabil Kukali, being conducted during the period February 22nd to March 6th 2008 and published by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO), a random sample of (1220) Palestinian adults (over 18 years old) representing the various demographic specimens in the Palestinian society in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip, were face to face interviewed. The survey results have shown that (73.0 %) of the Palestinian people support at present a Palestinian-Israeli calm period. The most important result, Dr. Nabil Kukali said, was that (49.4 %) oppose the suicide bombings inside Israel and (67.4 %) support the call of the released Hamas' activists on their leadership in Gaza to retreat from the military decision in Gaza Strip. Dr. Kukali added that (64.0 %) are in favor of halting the closure of Hamas institutions and their licensing by the Palestinian Authority. Dr. Kukali pointed out that the support shown to Mr. Marwan El-Barghouthi as a possible president of the Palestinian Authority has increased in this poll by (1.5 %) compared with a previous poll published on September 22, 2007 and reached now the rate of (24.3 %), whilst the support to Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, the acting PA-president, dropped by (3.0 %) to reach the rate of (23.1 %). In the same manner, the support to Mr. Ismael Haniyyeh dropped even by (7.3 %) to the rate of (12.4 %). Regarding the issue of the "clearance certificate" required by the Palestinian government, Dr. Kukali said that (70.5 %) of the Palestinians are opposing this decision.

Dr. Nabil Kukali said the results of the poll where as follows:

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