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Ramallah -- 11/11/2021 – MIFTAH recently completed training workshops on the application of the gender charter in local councils as part of its strategic approach to promote good governance in official institutions and local councils. This is also part of the organization’s efforts to develop public policies that guarantee the protection of citizens’ rights and promote the participation of Palestinian women in public life and their representation in decision-making positions. The workshops were held over three days in the northern, central and southern West Bank districts and included local council employees in 11 West Bank districts. The training was a continuation of joint efforts between MIFTAH and the Ministry of Local Government regarding the institutionalization of the charter’s executive regulations. These were issued by the Ministry of Local Government in 2007 along with its amendments, followed-up by MIFTAH in 2018-2019.

This is part of MIFTAH’s project, “Institutionalizing the principles of comprehensive governance in local governments through implementing the gender charter”, aimed at enhancing the capacities of staff in local government directorates and local councils, especially in the planning, policy, follow-up and evaluation departments in using the manual on executive bylaws for enacting gender institutionalization in local councils in addition to the bylaw’s annex, which was prepared in coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Local Government 2019.

The training program covered several topics, including: obstacles and challenges facing women within local councils, through a brief review of the gender charter; obligations of local councils regarding the charter and the executive and procedural bylaws; the role of the Ministry of Local Government in implementing these regulations; planning for follow-up processes to apply the charter in local council directorates through designing an executive plan. The training also included the participation of local council directorate departments, gender officials and municipality directors, which helped enrich the discussion around mechanisms for action and tools for guidance and monitoring between the Ministry of Local Government, local government directorates and local councils, thus promoting the implementation of the gender charter in local councils.

The participants stressed on the importance of employing the concepts of equity and equality in addition to participation and empowerment in the internal and external environment in local councils. This, they said, requires plans supported by gender-responsive budgets through integrating all sectors within local councils and organizing meetings between the local government directors and local councils to disseminate the gender charter after the current election process is completed. This allows specialized local government ministry departments to follow-up on performance indicators regarding the implementation of the gender charter. The participants also confirmed the need for follow-up to guarantee the practical application of training skills for the charter’s executive regulations acquired during the workshops.

MIFTAH continues to work on holding parallel trainings on the application of the gender charter in local councils by targeting their employees, especially those working in the planning, policy, follow-up and evaluation departments.

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