Saturday, 28 May. 2022
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Ramallah – MIFTAH recently completed training workshops as part of its Elections Support Program, aimed at empowering women candidates in local council elections.

The workshops were held in the southern, central and northern West Bank for candidates on local council lists, to bolster their skills and knowledge necessary for the administration of these councils.

The training addressed the stages, laws and procedures regulating the electoral process, shedding light on the importance of women’s participation as candidates, including moving beyond the idea of a women’s quota in order to achieve the broadest possible participation of women in local councils. In this regard, global experiences were used as examples. The training stressed on allowing the opportunity for women’s active participation in formulating policies and planning in local councils instead of confining them to conventional roles.

The workshops included ways on how to utilize digital media and social media platforms and how to conduct radio and television interviews, in a bid to promote the visibility of women and reach a wider range of social sectors. It focused on the importance of using social media sites and their role in raising social awareness on women’s participation and combatting stereotypes that encourage the promotion of certain social sectors over others.

MIFTAH project manager, Hassan Mahareeq said the objective of the training workshops was to promote the active participation of all sectors of Palestinian society, particularly women, given how important this is for implementing democratic values on the ground and empowering women in the management of their community affairs. He also said the training aimed to overcome the political and social obstacles that undermine women’s political participation.

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