The Killing of Innocents Must End
July 31, 2008

News broke on Tuesday evening of nine year old Ahmad Husam Yousef Musa being killed by Israeli forces during clashes in the village of Ni'lin, west of Ramallah.

Eyewitnesses reported that the child was shot in the head at close range and died immediately. His body was transferred to Ramallah hospital. The former mayor of Ni'lin, Muhammad Srour, told Ma'an that while the Israeli bulldozers were finishing their daily work on the separation wall in the village, demonsrators headed to the site and were met with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Soon afterwards Israeli troops fired live ammunition directly at the crowd gathered at the construction site, hitting Yousef Musa in the head.

MIFTAH strongly denounces the killing of an innocent child, unarmed, by a heavily armed military.

MIFTAH believes it is time that Israel is held accountable in international courts for the crimes it commits against Palestinians. Israel should not be afforded the immunity it enjoys so freely. Without some international intervention, the killing of innocent children will continue.

MIFTAH would also like to extend its deepest condolences to the Musa family for their loss.