Camp David Papers
By Akram Hanieh
February 17, 2011

In a seven part series, Akram Haniya, Editor-in- Chief of the Al-Ayyam newspaper and advisor to President Yasser Arafat, tells the story of the Camp David Summit. The series gives readers an insight to the events of the Summit through a mix of detailed information on discussions that transpired in negotiating sessions, the different proposals, and the Palestinian responses. Haniya takes you to the place and places you in the midst of the picturesque retreat and the intense negotiations.

But most intriguing, Haniya lets you in on the private conversations between President Arafat and President Clinton. And you are invited into the thoughts, fears and triumphs of the Palestinian negotiators. Through Haniya, you are given the reasons for, and explanations of why President Arafat refused to conclude a deal at Camp David.

The series, written in Arabic, was published in the Al-Ayyam newspaper between July 29 and August 10.

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