MIFTAH policy meeting discusses findings of paper on sexual violence against women
November 01, 2018

As part of its UNFPA-funded “Women’s Support Unit”, MIFTAH recently held a central policy meeting in Ramallah on sexual violence (rape, incest,, harassment in public spaces) at the level of decision-makers in civil society, government institutions and social leaders. This was preceded by a series of sessions held in the northern, central and southern districts aimed at producing recommendations on topics from working papers which included data and findings on violence. The goal of this policy meeting is the development of a public policy on halting gender-based violence and ensuring a rights-based system that protects male and female citizens in Palestinian society, including health and reproductive rights for Palestinian women.

The session resulted in a number of recommendations including: reconsideration of the law pertaining to how cases of sexual violence are handled in a way that would protect battered women; to overcome the legal problems which still constitute the most significant challenges in rulings on these issues; the need to enact a special law for dealing with cases of sexual harassment in the public space.

The recommendations also addressed the mechanisms and measures used in the referral system between the private and public sectors and the problems of referral which are still an obstacle to protecting battered women and survivors of violence, calling for overcoming them. It was also decided that MIFTAH would release a policy paper on this topic based on these recommendations in the near future.