Main Points of Israeli-Palestinian Deal
November 16, 2005

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The main points of the Israeli-Palestinian deal on Gaza border crossings:

GAZA-EGYPT BORDER: The target date for reopening the Rafah terminal at the Gaza-Egypt is Nov. 25. The border will be operated by Palestinian and Egyptian border officials, with the presence of European monitors on the Palestinian side. Israel will be able to watch traffic at Rafah via closed-circuit TV cameras, and can raise concerns about travelers it considers a security risk, but has no veto powers, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said.

KARNI CARGO CROSSING BETWEEN GAZA AND ISRAEL: Israel agrees to the passage of at least 150 export trucks from Gaza a day by year's end, and at least 400 trucks a day by the end of 2006. It also guarantees that in the upcoming harvest season, all agricultural produce from Gaza will be allowed through the passage.

PASSAGE BETWEEN THE WEST BANK AND GAZA: Starting Dec. 15, bus convoys carrying Palestinians will move between the two territories, traveling through Israel. Starting Jan. 15, truck convoys will also be allowed between the West Bank and Gaza.

ROADBLOCKS IN THE WEST BANK: Israel promises to minimize disruptions to Palestinian daily life in the West Bank, and come up with a plan for removing more army checkpoints in the area by Dec. 31.

GAZA SEAPORT: The Palestinians can begin building a seaport in Gaza.

GAZA AIRPORT: The runways of the Gaza International Airport were largely destroyed by Israel during nearly five years of fighting. The two sides agree on the importance of the airport, and discussions on the issue will continue.