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Tuesday, 26 January. 2021
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Biannual Newsletter - Eighth Edition
Eighth Edition
The Constitution
Introductory Bulletin
The Constitution - Introductory Bulletin
This is the map section that includes relevant current and historical maps. This section provides a comprehensive visual illustration of the land in conflict. The maps are categorized as: historical, general, Jerusalem and partition plans and proposals.
Recent and General Maps of Palestine
Additional West Bank Closures (as of 18 Oct 2005)
Affected Communities by Damage to Water Infrastructure (2003)
Communities Without Water Network or with Bad Water Network (2002)
Future Israeli Plans for the Occupied West Bank
Gaza 2004 map
Israeli Check Points - Gaza (2002)
Israeli Check Points - West Bank (2002)
Road Blocks and Checkpoints in the West Bank
Roadblocks Around Bethlehem
Roadblocks Around Jerusalem

Jerusalem Maps, historical and current
Connecting Ma'ale Adumim to Jerusalem through E1
Greater Jerusalem Seperated
The New Jewish Neighbourhoods/Settlements around Jerusalem
The Separation Barrier and Demographic Distribution in east Jerusalem and the West Bank

Historical Maps of Palestine

Maps graphing partition plans and proposals

Maps on the Unilateral Apartheid Wall
An Associated Map from the Palestinian Ministry of Planning: Anata Boundaries, 15 June. 2006.
April 2004 - updated map
Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem Sepration Wall
The Separation Barrier around Jerusalem in Relation to Municipal Lines
The Separation Barrier in the West Bank May 2005
The Wall and Israeli Settlements
The Wall and Planned Settlement Expansion in Metropolitan Jerusalem Area
Wall in the Northwestern West Bank - April 2004
Wall of Annexation and Separation in West Bank - February 2005

Maps of Gaza (Unilateral Disengagement)
Gaza "Disengagement" = West Bank Engagement
The Occupied Gaza Strip on the Eve of " Disengagement" August 2005

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