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Peace activist Rachel Corrie, 23, is a student at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. She died Sunday, March 16, 2003, in the southern Gaza city of Rafah while trying to stop an Israeli bulldozer from tearing down a Palestinian physician's home. She fell in front of the machine, which ran over her and then backed up, witnesses said. Israeli military spokesman Captain Jacob Dallal called her death an accident. State Department spokesman Lou Fintor said the U.S. government had asked Israeli officials for a full investigation.

1. Protecting a water well in Rafah, Gaza, Rachel Corrie is on the far right.

2. Rachel Corrie, right, and other members of the 'International Solidarity Movement' hold up a banner reading 'Israeli army stop shooting children' in protest of Israeli military actions at the Rafah refugee camp in southern Gaza in this photo taken Friday March 14, 2003.

3. Rachel Corrie chats with a Palestinian friend, living in a dire situation in Rafah, Gaza.

4. Rachel Corrie stands in front of an Israeli army bulldozer wearing an orange jacket so that she can be easily identified and seen.

5. Rachel Corrie uses a loudspeaker as she stands between an Israeli bulldozer and a Palestinian physician's house in the southern Gaza town of Rafah.

6. The Israeli bulldozer ran over her and then backed up, crushing her chest and skull.

7. Friends try to aid Rachel Corrie after she was run over by an Israeli army bulldozer.

8. Palestinian doctors try to save the life of Rachel Corrie at the Najar hospital in the southern Gaza town of Rafah.

9. Alice, a friend of Rachel Corrie, holds her friend's passport as she break down upon hearing the news of Rachel's death at Najar hospital.

10. Two volunteers of the International Solidarity Campaign to Protect the Palestinian People comfort each other after the killing of U.S. citizen Rachel Corrie.

11. A Palestinian medical worker carries a mock coffin covered by a Palestinian flag for Rachel Corrie, during a memorial service in Gaza city.

12. Palestinian children carry a mock coffin covered by an American Flag commemorating Rachel Corrie.

13. Palestinians put flowers at a mock coffin of Rachel Corrie, a member of the 'International Solidarity Movement' during a memorial service at the Unknown Soldier square in Gaza city.

14. Palestinian children light candles for Rachel Corrie.

15. Olympia, Washington, residents stand in silent vigil around a mock casket at a candlelight vigil Sunday evening, March 16, 2003, for Rachel Corrie.

16. Students at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, gather around a shrine for Rachel Corrie. Friends and college faculty are mourning what they are calling the senseless murder of Corrie.

17. An unidentified man cries next to a shrine in honor of peace activist Rachel Corrie during a protest outside the Israeli consulate in downtown San Francisco on Monday, March 17, 2003.

Condolences to the Corrie family: rachelsmessage@the-corries.com

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