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Human Rights Program (HRP)
Human Rights Program (HRP)

Human Rights Program (HRP) goes in line with MIFTAHís mission to engage local and international public opinion and official circles on the Palestinian cause, as a platform for the dissemination of the Palestinian narrative. MIFTAH adopts the flow of information (dissemination of data) in terms of advocacy at the national and international levels, relying on documentation of human rights violations and the analysis of the gendered impact of the Israeli occupation policies and practices on the Palestinian civilians in Occupied Palestine.

MIFTAH through the HRP works on promoting the implementation of human rights instruments including the International Covenants of Human rights, CEDAW, International Humanitarian Law, the International Human Rights Law, Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Geneva Convention and the relevant UN resolutions capitalizing on its ECOSOC Consultative Status.

The main pathways of MIFTAHís Human Rights Program:

  1. Evidence Based Advocacy:
  2. MIFTAH organizes periodic advocacy trips and participates in different international platforms to shed light on the human rights violations perpetrated by the Israeli occupation forces, advocate towards ending the occupation, call for ending Israeli impunity and hold Israel accountable for the escalation of violence and the excessive use of force against Palestinian civilians in Occupied Palestine. MIFTAH also contributes in oral and written statements at the international fora including the Human Rights Council indicating to the human rights violations and the discriminatory and apartheid policies perpetrated by the Israeli occupation.

    MIFTAH launches online advocacy campaigns utilizing digital media outlets to reflect on the political and socioeconomic situation of Palestinians under occupation and in conflict.

  3. Documentation of Human Rights Violations:
  4. MIFTAH develops documentation tools (questionnaires and testimonies) that capture human rights violations and adopts a gendered lens within the framework of International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, CEDAW, UNSCR1325 and the Rome Statute of the ICC.

    MIFTAH also builds the capacity of Palestinian youth and Palestinian community-based and civil society organizations to monitor and document these violations and produces periodic documentation reports, media materials, analytical researches, and factsheets.

  5. Networking and Fostering Dialogue:
  6. MIFTAH provides a platform for dialogue with national and international stakeholders to identify practical steps to promote protection of the human rights of vulnerable and marginalized social groups under occupation. Additionally, MIFTAH networks and builds alliances with civil society organisations and human rights networks nationally, regionally and internationally for organizing joint advocacy events to expand solidarity campaigns for the realization of the Palestiniansí right to self-determination and freedom.

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