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Election Support
Election Support
This long-standing program is one of MIFTAHís strategic pathways to promoting Good Governance and Democracy since 2003. MIFTAH, through this program, aims at enhancing and empowering women and youth participation and engagement in elections as voters and candidates, with the view of advancing their representation in decision-making positions. MIFTAH through this program has assisted tens of elected women to reach decision-making positions and provided the opportunity for Palestinian women to be better prepared to take on political roles and to become involved in political and public spheres.

The main pathways of MIFTAHís Election Support program are:

Influencing policy formulations and reform laws and legislation in favor of women and youth rights based on gender equality, safeguarding citizensí rights and freedoms, and achieving social justice. MIFTAH continues to lead and launch advocacy and media campaigns using digital media and other platforms.

Fostering policy dialogue and round-table discussions: MIFTAH continues to foster specialized dialogue session related to elections (Local & National), to address women and youth issues and enhance the adoption of the democratic values and good governance principles in drafting laws, legislations, and the formulation of public policies and procedures. Additionally, these discussions are also directed to promote the commitment of political leaders and decision makers towards the adoption of the addressed recommendations.

Capacity Building: MIFTAH continues to build the capacity and support women potential candidates to raise their readiness and willingness to enroll in local and national elections. Annually, MIFTAH targets more than 100 women candidates covering West Bank including east Jerusalem and Gaza strip.

Awareness raising: MIFTAH leads an ongoing awareness campaign to influence the public opinion and citizens on the importance of the democratic values and respect of freedoms within an inclusive legislative and governance framework. MIFTAH organizes a series of town hall meetings, round table discussions and disseminate key messages through social media platforms.

Sharing research findings, fact sheets and policy recommendations: MIFTAH continues to share reliable and accurate data related to the applied legal framework and public policies which hinder women and youth political participation and representation in decision-making positions. Relying on the provided evidences, to present proposed reform and policy recommendations to better influence the legal framework including public policies and bylaws, in favor of women and youth.

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