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Fiscal Justice (FJ)
Fiscal Justice
MIFTAH has been working on this program since 2005 and it goes under MIFTAH’s strategic direction “to influence policy and legislation to ensure their safeguarding of civil and social rights for all sectors and their adherence to principles of good governance”. FJ contributes in maintaining pro-poor fiscal policies through adopting principles of transparency, accountability, social justice and reducing inequalities. FJ assists in enhancing public budget transparency through the institutionalization of strategic partnerships with the public sector to mainstream transparency and participatory measures in budget practices

The main pathways of MIFTAH’s FJ program are:

Influence governmental fiscal policies and campaigning

  • Stimulate government responsiveness towards advancing equality, social justice and accountability in fiscal policies.
  • Draft Policy proposals and reform recommendations to enhance tax justice and fair distribution of revenues and reconsider the spending gaps in budget planning of the key ministries within the social sector.
  • Address the shortage in funding in certain budget programs and items in line ministries and share solutions for better redistribution of public spending based on principles of social justice.
  • Advocate towards reforming the Tax system.

Provide evidences and facts

  • Production of fact sheets to monitor budget allocation and spending of the social sector within the national budget.
  • Production of position/demanding papers including policy recommendations to advocate towards increasing budget allocations for key ministries within the social sector such as Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education
  • Draft policy proposals for reforming Income Tax system in Palestine to support the progressivity of the income tax system
  • Production of Citizen Budget as a mean of enhancing transparency measures at the line ministries within the social sector.

Strengthen CSOs role in monitoring & accountability

  • Build the capacity of youth and women organizations to get engaged in monitoring the budget allocations vs public spending
  • Support CSOs to advocate towards the inclusion of their constituencies needs within the budget proposals of the line ministries.
  • Foster policy meetings and round table discussions with Ministry of Finance and CSOs to support CSOs in holding the government accountable for shortage in funding the social sector.

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