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More than 7 thousands Persons Emigrates Annually

About 32 thousands Persons emigrated during 2005 - 2009, excluding families who are totally emigrated.

More youth emigrants than other groups of the population

One-third of emigrants are youth aged 15-29 years compared with one quarter of emigrants aged 30-44 years. There are similarities in the age structure of emigrants by sex. Among emigrants, there is 152 males per 100 female emigrant.

More emigrants with son relationship to the head of the household

More than one third of emigrants have son relationship with the head of the household compared to less than one quarter of emigrants are classified as son/daughter in law. About 4 of every 10 emigrants are classified as sons to the head of the household compared to about 3 as daughters.

Jordan, the Arab Gulf States and the United States of America are the preferred destination of emigrants

Of every 100 emigrant, about 24 settled in Jordan while 20 settled in the Gulf States compared to 22 settled in the United States.

Education, improving living conditions, seeking job opportunities as the main motives behind emigration

About one-third of emigrants left the Palestinian Territory for education and studying purposes, about 15% left for improving living conditions, while about 14% left because of the lack of job opportunities in the Palestinian Territory.

More emigrants with scientific qualifications

More than one-third of emigrants possess bachelor and higher degrees, while more than one third also have secondary education compared to 1% of emigrants possess no qualification.

About 5-7 thousands returnees annually

During the past fives years there are 5-7 thousands returnees back to the Palestinian Territory.

Fluctuation in the return of emigrants

More than quarter of total returnees arrived to the Palestinian Territory prior to 1991, while about one third returned during the period 1995-1999 as a result to the peace agreement and establishment of the Palestinian Authority. The number of returnees had declined during the period 2000-2009 as a result of the second Palestinian uprising (Intifada) and the large scale Israeli incursions.

The majority of returnees are youth

Of every 100 returnee, 37 are youth compared to 9 above the age of 60 and 6 below 15 years old.

More returnees from Jordan and the Arab Gulf States

More than one third of returnees had come from Jordan and these returnees comprised about 43% of total returnees to the West Bank. In comparison, 29 of every 100 emigrant had come from the Gulf States and these returnees comprised about one third of all returnees to the Gaza Strip.

Low desire for emigration. The arab gulf states and foreign countries are the preferred destination

13% of every 100 Palestinian in the age group 15-59 desire to emigrate with much similarities between the West Bank and Gaza Strip despite the hard condition in the latter. About 23% of every 100 Palestinian in the age group 15-59 desire to emigrate to the Gulf Sates compared to 15% desire to emigrate to the United States while 28% to other foreign countries and 18% undecided about their preferred destination.

Same reasons and motives….

Reasons and motives behind the desire of Palestinians to emigrate are much similar to the reasons and motives of those who already emigrated. Of every 100 Palestinian who desire to emigrate, about 39% of them wish to do so to improve living conditions compared to 15% due to lack of job opportunities and 19% for education purposes.

The significant difference in the distribution of main reasons behind the desire to emigrate between Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is the lack of security (14.0% in the Gaza Strip compared to 6% in the West Bank).

But, living in the holy land is enough reason not to emigrate

About 75 of every 100 Palestinian in the age group 15-59 who do not desire to emigrate stated that the reason is to stay in the holy land of Palestine.

Internal migrations within same governorate and neighboring ones

The internal movement of Palestinians between the West Bank and Gaza is extremely limited, given the geographical separation and the policies of Israeli occupation. This reality seems evident from the results of the survey as very limited percentage of Palestinians living now in Gaza Strip had previous place of residence in the West Bank and vice versa.

Most of the internal migration of the population is within the same governorate, and second to nearby ones. About 24% of persons moved to Tubas governorate were previously residing in Jenin while 38% of persons who moved to Salfit governorate were previously residing in Ramallah and Al-Bireh. In addition, 20% of persons moved to Jericho and Al-Aghwar governorate were previously residing in Jerusalem and 22% came from Bethlehem.

Marriage and the accompanying as main motives of internal migration

Of every 100 persons who changed their place of residence in the Palestinian Territory, about 36 of them did so for marriage purposes compared to 33 for accompanying.

More internal migration among the youth

Regarding the age distribution of persons who changed their place of residence within the Palestinian Territory, 33% of them fall in the age group (15-29 years) and 30% in the age group (30-44) years.

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