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DALLAS/SEATTLE - The Palestine Chronicle is teaming up efforts with the staff at KinderUSA, (www.kinderusa.org) one of the most reputable US charities working in Palestine, to launch a month long fundraising effort, titled: “Project Humanity: Sending Love and Relief to the Children in Palestine”. During this month, we are aiming to raise $20,000.00, to provide food and other basic necessities to needy families during Ramadan.

In referring to the ongoing anguish endured by Palestinians, Dr. Riad Abdelkarim chairman of KinderUSA said, “We must not only consider the humanitarian consequences of this devastation, but also the psychological affect it is having on the children. Our children are our greatest assets and KinderUSA has made a commitment to do all within our means to enable these innocent children to survive.”

Ramzy Baroud, Editor-in-Chief of the highly respected online publication, The Palestine Chronicle emphasized, “Our responsibility toward Palestine and its people has broadened like never before, because the untold suffering experienced by Palestinians has invited equally untold misery,” He continued, stressing, “ This is not an abstract story, nor is it history that merely merits a sigh of regret and reflection. It is the dim reality of today. But it will become bleaker if we do not step in to show solidarity with those in need.”

Suzanne Russ, Managing Editor of the Palestine Chronicle stressed, “With severe attacks just this week in Gaza and Rafah, and the displacement of thousands of people, including hundreds and hundreds of children, the Palestine Chronicle implores all readers and supporters to give generously and expediently to further the work of KinderUSA.”

“Our subsidiary office in Gaza, KinderPAL, has distributed $50 food vouchers for families to shop at local merchants for immediate food and hygiene needs. There are still more families in need, and with the beginning of Ramadan it is imperative that we meet the tremendous demand. “As long as there is one child going to sleep hungry, we consider our work incomplete,” said Dr. Abdelkarim.

Baroud affirmed Dr. Abdelkarim’s words, saying, “Your donation will ease the pain of a child, will comfort the fears and uncertainty of an orphan, and proclaim that you care enough that you refuse to turn your back on the Palestinian people, indeed, on humanity.”

Russ stressed, “We ask everyone to give to KinderUSA, until it hurts, there is simply no time for mediocrity.”

To show their gratitude, The Palestine Chronicle and KinderUSA will send a “Free Palestine” Button, to donors at the $25.00 level, a “Free Palestine” bumper sticker to donors at the $50.00 level, a copy of Ramzy Baroud’s book “Searching Jenin” to donors at the $100.00 level, and a package of all three items to donors at the $150.00 level.

You can send your tax-deductible donation to KinderUSA online at www.kinderusa.org/baform.asp

Please select “Project Humanity” on the pull-down menu!

You can also donate by sending your check to Kinder USA
P.O. Box 224846
Dallas, Texas 75222-9785
Please note “Project Humanity” in the memo line of your check! Thank you!

For further information, contact Dalell Mohammed at 1-888-451-8908, or email her at kinder@kinderusa.org. Inquiries can be faxed to 972-664-1994.

Or you can contact Suzanne Russ at the Palestine Chronicle at russ@palestinechronicle.com. Inquiries can be faxed to 425-778-9237

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