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Last February the Women Mediterranean Forum was officially recognized by the general secretary of the Union for the Mediterranean (UpM) as the new bearer of the project “Develop the autonomy of women” certified by the UpM in December 2011. This project was finest carried by the Association of foreshadowing of the women’s Foundation for the Mediterranean disappeared in March 2012. The Women Mediterranean Forum is very glad to announce that this project continues this year.

To register it in the long term, associations for the rights of Euro-Mediterranean women, all around the Women Mediterranean Forum, want to create a Foundation of Women of the Mediterranean.

During the Forum of the Anna Lindh Foundation organized from 4 to 7 April 2013 in Marseille, Women’s rights have been put in the honor by the member of workshops, and events which were consecrated. This forum was also an opportunity to highlight the importance granted by the international organizations and states to the expectations of civil society.

Within this framework, the Women Mediterranean Forum appealed to Marseille to states, local authorities, institutions, companies, research laboratories and women associations for “actively supporting the initiative of the Women Mediterranean Forum for the creation of the Foundation of the Mediterranean Women”. This next creation perspective has been mentioned buy Mrs. Najat Vallaud Belcacem France’s minister of women’s rights during his closing speech.

The Women Mediterranean Forum welcomes the great momentum of the euro-Mediterranean civil society around him to create together the Women of the Mediterranean Foundation!

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