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The Palestinian Initiatives for The Promotoion of Global Dialogue and Democracy

It has come to the attention of the Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy, MIFTAH, that it is being targeted by extreme pro-Israeli hasbara groups and individuals who are propagating unfounded accusations and fabrications. We strongly condemn and reject these libelous allegations, which are nothing short of contemptible, against an organization that has been dedicated to global dialogue, good governance and democracy in Palestine for over 20 years. The example used as “evidence” of what is being called MIFTAH’s support for anti-Semitism was the result of a misstep by a junior staffer who inadvertently posted an outside article in Arabic on the organization’s website back in 2013 without having it reviewed. Once MIFTAH’s senior management became aware of the offensive article, they immediately removed it and issued an apology despite the fact that a disclaimer on its website clearly states that articles posted from other sources do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the organization. Nonetheless, a widespread smear campaign instigated and obsessively pursued by vicious hate-filled groups continued against MIFTAH and its founders. This hackneyed campaign is now being rehashed in an orchestrated manner with clear malicious intent.

MIFTAH is and has always been a respected organization both in Palestine and abroad and is known for its contributions to good governance, the empowerment of women and youth, to maintaining open, inclusive and democratic dialogue and to the exchange of ideas. We will not tolerate any attempts at the misrepresentation and defamation of MIFTAH’s good name.

Please find below the statement released by MIFTAH’s senior management on April 1, 2013:

Date posted: April 01, 2013

The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy, MIFTAH would like to apologize for the recent and brief publication on our website of an article penned by Nawaf Al Zaru that discusses Jewish blood libel during Passover.

It has become clear to us after investigating this incident that the article was accidentally and incorrectly published by a junior staff member. The said staffer has been reprimanded and all our staff has been informed as to the disgusting and repulsive phenomena of blood libel or accusation, including its use against Jews. Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, as founder, has nothing to do with the day to day management at MIFTAH and was no way involved in this incident.

We express our sincerest regret for offense caused by the oversight that resulted in said publication. We are whole-heartedly committed to fighting racism, hatemongering, discrimination and persecution of any kind wherever it should exist, and especially in our own society.


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