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Ramallah – 6/10/2021 – MIFTAH, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, recently released the 2021 Citizens’ Budget, a simplified, tabulated, document summarizing government policies and approaches included in the general budget.

The Citizens’ Budget highlights the most significant points in the general budget, which include its net revenue of ILS13.6 billion and overhead and net lending, amounting to ILS19.6 billion. Meanwhile, the funding gap, which is considered a deficit in covering the budget’s overhead, totaled ILS3.7 billion. It also shows the size of the public debt since the start of 2021, amounting to ILS7.5 billion in internal debts and ILS4.3 billion in external debts.

The general budget’s allocations are distributed across several sectors, including public services, whose share was 23.2%. Meanwhile, the security sector comprised 19.3%, followed by education at 17.4%, health at 13% and social protection at 12.7%. Economic affairs constituted 6.5% of the general budget and environmental protection only comprised 0.1%.

Through its publication of the Citizens’ Budget, MIFTAH seeks to promote transparency in fiscal policies and to allow citizens the opportunity to access and follow the preparation of general budgets and expenditures for the various programs, especially those affecting daily needs such as protection, education and health services. It also enables the official establishment to apply standards of international transparency.

What’s more, the Citizens’ Budget is considered an important accountability tool for citizens vis-a-vis their participation and representation in the preparation of the general budget and distribution of its allocations, according to the priorities and needs of citizens. Furthermore, promoting government openness in fiscal policies enhances the efficiency of managing public funds, to the benefit of Palestinian citizens and their steadfastness.

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