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Ramallah – 16/12/2021 – MIFTAH recently held a training workshop in which a manual on elections and the political participation of women and youth was presented. Participants expressed their appreciation for the skills and knowledge provided by the training, which they said helped overcome certain challenges.

The training manual included theoretical material that sheds light on the most important and necessary information regarding local and general elections, the laws that regulate them, the stages of the election process and campaigns. The practical section focused on enhancing the skills of trainers in training for elections, managing groups and raising social awareness on the political participation of women and youth. It also addressed developing the capacities of candidates in preparing electoral programs and running election campaigns through various means.

Activist, Siwar Odeh, commented on the training, saying it was a ‘quantum leap and a pioneer move’ which resulted in youth and women leaders gaining an abundance of skills. “The training provided us with added value including introducing a different method of training through Zoom, which we were not familiar with before.” She continued, “Now, our mission is to relay our experience to our peers and to invest in these capabilities and potentials in the political participation of women and youth.”

Activist Abeer Ziada said she could be the biggest beneficiary from this training, given that she did not have prior information on these subjects. “I got to know people with skills and expertise that I can greatly benefit from. I hope there will be more training of this kind that enriches our knowledge and develops our skills.”

Youth activist Thaer Hanaysheh stated, “The nature of the participants and the various institutions from which they were chosen gave us a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and expertise and to learn from each other’s experiences, both positive and otherwise. This in itself, greatly benefited everyone involved.”

Meanwhile, activist Mustaham Abu Salameh said: “I am going back to Jenin with loads of information, which I plan to invest in my relationships with people, especially since we are at the threshold of another round of elections. After that, it will be important to follow up on this training and implement what we learned theoretically on the ground; we need to discover what our strengths and weaknesses are and we also need a visit exchange program as a means of evaluating the acquired benefits.”

Activist Marcel Siyouri from the Gaza Strip said, “The training was a breakthrough for me. I learned a lot of new things, which I will convey to my peers, both youth and women, who are the key to the future and the hope for change.”

MIFTAH Project Manager, Hassan Mahareeq said the training was implemented as part of MIFTAH’s efforts to promote the active political participation of all sectors of Palestinian society, particularly youth and women, through empowering youth and women leaders to be involved in decision-making, impact and change at the local and national levels. He continued, “MIFTAH prepared a training manual that targets institutions working on elections in Palestine, including the political participation of women and youth, within its Elections Support Program interventions.

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