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This factsheet is based on a report documenting Israeli violations and discriminatory policies against Jerusalemite women’s political rights, particularly those pertaining to Articles 7 and 8 of CEDAW (The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women). The report was prepared by the General Union of Palestinian Women, MIFTAH and the CEDAW Coalition. Based on this report and interviews conducted with Jerusalemite activists for the purpose of monitoring and documenting these violations, four focal points were cited:

First: Participation in political and public life through monitoring Palestinian legislative elections and the right of women to run, vote and participate in elections in general.

Second: Analysis of women’s participation in Palestinian associations and organizations in Jerusalem.

Third: Analysis of women’s participation in popular activities in the Jerusalem area and violations in this regard.

Fourth: Representation of Jerusalemite women within their Palestinian context at the international level and their participation in events by international organizations.

Twenty interviews were conducted with Jerusalemite women activists for the purpose of documenting violations, within the scope of the aforementioned points. Following is a summary of the findings:

  • In 100% of the interviews conducted, the women were subjected to interrogation and questioning; psychological and physical torture; threats of ID and residency revocation and separation from their families; bans on their participation in Palestinian elections in Jerusalem; prevention from participating in election campaign activities; raids on events pertaining to election rights for Jerusalemite women; bans on these events and the arrest of participants.

  • 95% of the women interviewed have been detained, been given high fines and prevented from participating in community events in Jerusalem; also, their rights and role in public space, including their right to establish and participate in associations as Palestinian women in Jerusalem, have been hindered.

  • 93% of the women interviewed have experienced house arrest and been deported from Jerusalem due to Israeli policies in the city such as expulsion and Judaization, arrest, ID revocation and others.

  • 20% of the women were banned from travel and subjected to restrictions, searches and interrogation in order to impede their participation in regional and international events.

  • 100% of the interviewed women are members or presidents of the board of directors of Jerusalem women centers and institutions; all of them have been detained and their institutions closed; activities supporting Palestinian women and Jerusalemite families were hindered, aimed at empowerment, awareness and education on women’s and family rights, the revival of Palestinian heritage and the provision of counseling, psychological and social support for girls.

  • 275 Jerusalemite women activists have been detained between the years 2019-2021, including mothers, the elderly and sick women, as a means utilized by occupation authorities to violate the political rights of Jerusalemite women in order to deter and restrict their freedoms, silence and intimidate them and prevent them from participating in any activities opposed to Israeli occupation policies in Jerusalem.

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