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Ramallah – 17/8/2022 – MIFTAH recently held a meeting to discuss comments by civil society organizations following up on the amended National Referral System for Battered Women “Takamul”. The meeting is part of follow-up and coordination of efforts between CSOs combatting gender-based violence and promoting the protection of citizens’ rights for women through impacting public policies, laws and legislation so they are more responsive to the needs of women and girls, especially those caught in a cycle of violence.

CSO representatives stressed on the need for follow-up by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs so it is continuously updated on any developments pertaining to the ratification of the referral system during the weekly cabinet meeting. The participants also touched on the importance of feedback on the CSO’s comments and amendments on the draft referral system, which is currently being discussed in its third reading.

The participants discussed the importance of cooperation between the various parties responsible for implementation of the referral system, in a bid to address the obstacles that could affect the quality of the service provided to battered women; facilitating the access of battered women and girls to protection services; addressing issues pertaining to women with disabilities. In this regard, they pointed to the need to: develop capacities among grassroots organizations in dealing with issues of violence against women; update their strategies and measures vis-à-vis their work; evaluate the interventions of health and medical workers regarding the administration and handling of battery cases; provide a specialist in the field of family education; and expand and increase the medical staff that receives battery cases.

The participants pointed to the role of the Ministry of Social Development and the importance of increasing earmarked budgets for handling battered women and purchasing services for them within the framework of promoting a system of protection.

The attendees stressed on the need to: review the referral system’s manuals and procedures to ensure they conform to the provisions of the amended system; address the gaps in the system through developing manuals, which clarify the parties mandated to deal with cases of violence; facilitate the cooperation process between the partner parties implementing the system on the ground that guarantees the rights of battered women are not infringed; and promote a national system of protection capable of combatting GBV. They also pointed to the importance of incorporating the Family Protection Law and international human rights treaties as a basic pillar for implementing the referral system.

The meeting concluded with an agreement that the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the follow-up sub-committee on the amended referral system will brief the CSO’s on the latest developments in this regard, in addition to following up on the various readings and stages of the system.

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