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Ramallah – 28/11/22 – MIFTAH recently held a meeting in partnership with War Child to discuss the proposed amendments to the Local and General Elections Laws in a bid to promote the principles of equality and pluralism. The objective of the session was to reach a consensus over the proposed legal amendments to the 2005 Local Elections Law, No. 10 and the 2007 General Elections Law, No. 1 and the necessary steps to accomplish this.

Several grassroots institutions from central West Bank districts and female members of town and village councils attended the meeting, with the aim of shedding light on the legal gaps in the current elections laws and the challenges that arose during the local elections at the beginning of this year.

The participants discussed the exclusion of legal amendments even though political parties and influential community players were in agreement over them. This left that the issue of women and youth representation ineffective at the decision-making levels in the absence of a legal system that guarantees their access and participation.

The attendees also stressed on the importance of amending the elections laws to guarantee that the candidacy age is lowered, to allow more opportunities for youth to enter into the sphere of political participation and to increase the women’s quota to 30%, in accordance with PLO Central Council decisions. They also focused on the need to adopt amendments pertaining to the electoral threshold, the number of candidates on electoral lists and the option of allowing citizens to elect their Local Council heads. They added the need to combat the use of acclamation in elections by emphasizing democratic values based on the right to choose.

By holding these sessions, MIFTAH seeks to create a national consensus on the proposal legal amendments to the elections law and to continue cooperation with active parties, factions and civil society organizations in pressuring decision-makers to adopt these amendments. Ultimately, this would allow marginalized social groups to participate in a more active manner.

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