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Ramallah – 27/12/2022 – MIFTAH recently completed two workshops on “Elections and women and youth political participation” and “The application of international human rights conventions against discrimination and gender-based violence”, through its field advisory team. The trainings targeted grassroots organizations and CSOs in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. A group of officers from the Police’s Family and Juvenile Protection Department in the West Bank also attended. The trainings are part of MIFTAH’s contribution to expanding the scope of field work within institutions focused on political participation and empowerment of youth and women leaders, so they become full participants in the local and general elections process. They are also aimed at increasing their knowledge on ways to implement human rights conventions pertaining to combatting discrimination and gender-based violence, in order to provide a legislative and procedural environment that enables women to access protection and security services.

The trainings resulted in the development of approaches for action with the targeted institutions and parties, including an emphasis on efforts to promote social awareness on citizenship rights and duties and to integrate these values in cultural and social upbringing. They also stressed on the importance of formulating empowerment and capacity-building programs targeting women and youth within the context of political participation and their involvement in public affairs and finally, promoting the principles of democracy, including the peaceful transfer of power.

The trainees stressed on the importance of social oversight in regards to holding local government units [LGUs] accountable on priorities for their communities, especially regarding the access of services, based on the principles of good governance. The trainings also highlighted the importance of promoting field work through investing in digital media in particular, by sharing the success stories of women and youth in leading initiatives and taking measures that have a possible impact on their communities. This is based on the premise that this helps to change stereotypes regarding the capabilities and competence of these sectors.

The trainings highlighted the need for cooperation and networking between the police and institutions on issues pertaining to women and girls who are victims of violence, through enacted measures, including the National Referral System. This is in addition to working in partnership with grassroots organizations for battered women and the relevant official institutions, including the Social Development and Health Ministries and Departments, Police Protection Departments and CSO service providers. They also emphasized the crucial work of the Family Protection and Juvenile Departments and protection-related institutions in creating awareness and information programs on the procedures employed by police and government departments and on communication methods to enable women, girls and special-needs females to benefit from protection and shelter services. Participants concurred on the need to increase efforts towards lobbying and advocacy campaigns calling for the ratification of the Family Protection Law, which supports the enforcement of the rule of law and the separation of family protection departments from police departments, out of respect for the privacy of domestic violence victims. The workshops furthermore, emphasized the need for safe houses (shelters) and rehabilitation centers in all districts.

These trainings are part of MIFTAH’s Good Governance and Democracy Program, which aims to influence public policies and empower components of Palestinian society to press for social justice and the protection of civil liberties. The program also promotes democracy and building state institutions, based on the principles of good governance, the Palestinian Declaration of Independence, the Basic Law and international conventions pertaining to the fostering of human rights in Palestine.

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