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Bethlehem – MIFTAH capped off its 2022 interventions by holding a meeting in Bethlehem for female LGU members from West Bank districts so they could share their experiences with one another and listen to the needs and challenges of fellow members in their respective local councils.

The members shared their experiences before running in elections and the challenges they faced during the first and second phase of local elections. They also talked about their experiences inside their respective LGUs and discussed ways of increasing women’s participation in the election process.

The women agreed that one of the biggest challenges they all faced was society’s view towards women’s participation and the pressing need to amend the elections law to support increased participation of women and youth in elections. They also stressed on the need for more female representation in LGUs including a higher women’s quota. The women also maintained the necessity for a legal clause to make the replacement of any resigning female member with another female member, a binding obligation.

The women members called for ongoing support by increasing awareness on laws and measures pertaining to LGUs and mechanisms for decision-making within them, to guarantee active and effective participation.

The meeting resulted in several recommendations, most significantly the need to network with the Ministry of Local Government and CSOs. Another recommendation called on members to continue to exchange experiences in a bid to overcome obstacles they may face at the various stages of the democratic process. Finally, they recommended that it is important to include male LGU members in upcoming interventions so that they complement each other in their work.

This meeting is part of a series of activities organized by MIFTAH in 2022 to support the political participation of women and youth through MIFTAH’s field advisory team in the various districts, with funding from the Norwegian Representative Office and War Child.

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