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This morning the 4th of October 2004, persisting on the savagery barbaric attack committed by Israeli occupational forces and in an quick escalation in crimes, 4 Palestinian civilians were killed after being targeted by missiles from apache helicopters in Beit Lahya, and an other was killed fired by Israeli tanks in the east of Jabalia Camp. Today is the fifth day of Israeli aggression and the martyrs up till now are 75 in addition to 300 injuries and 30 houses completely destroyed as well as many other houses partially destroyed according to the following up of the Al-dameer Association throw its researchers.

It is worth noting that the medical centers in the northern area are now suffering shortage and insufficiency in the necessary medical medicines specially those concerning first aid as a result of the huge number of injuries.

What is happening of crimes in the northern area of the Gaza Strip is facing a dramatic escalation in events warning of an assault of ethnic disinfections against Palestinian civilians by the IOF.

Israeli occupational forces use the most developed military technologies against Palestinians beginning by exploration helicopters, projectiles and cuneiform missiles and ending with remotely controlled directed missiles which targets civilians even in their homes.

The observer in the committed crimes against Palestinian civilians' witnesses the savagery of these crimes that forms a unique model never been used before against an unarmed occupied people.

Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights condemns these occupational crimes against Palestinian civilians and demands the Israeli occupation to immediately stop these crimes. As it also demands the international community to provide immediate international protection for Palestinian civilians and to condemn Israeli crimes by a clear position following practical mechanisms, which pressure upon the occupational authority and oblige her to stop these savagery daily crimes.

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