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A coup? A countercoup? Who is overthrowing whom? Fateh and Hamas are now officially engaged in a civil war. The spoils of victory: the Gaza Strip, an impoverished, overcrowded, underdeveloped open-air prison, a sandbox, in which the boys with the most guns can show off to precisely no one.

Who to blame, when there is so much blame to go around?

Everyone’s favourite punching bag, Washington, for its unwavering support of the jailor, Israel, must surely come first. No wait; let’s start with the jailor. Israel has pursued a merciless strategy of murder and destruction and left Palestinians hopelessly mired in their own defeat and weakness.

The neighbours? Egypt has mediated for three years now and things have gotten progressively worse, a situation surely exacerbated by the decision to allow a battalion of trained Fateh men to cross the border into Gaza.

We are forgetting Europe. Europe and its holier-than-thou sanctimoniousness that is just a cover, for whatever Washington wants, Washington gets.

But ultimately, when all is said and done, when the pro-Israel lobby in Washington is excoriated, the illusion of Arab unity lamented, the hypocrisy of Europe blasted and the brutality of Israel despaired of, ultimately, blame must be placed squarely on the Palestinians.

What happened to Hamas, once so promising when just elected? Better, cleaner, fairer responsible governance they promised. True, they faced insurmountable obstacles from the beginning, but any Palestinian government faces insurmountable obstacles.

Has Hamas become so enamoured with the titles and seats that its members have lost all the discipline that allowed the movement to overlook provocations in earlier times? Is the Gaza Strip worth it? How, exactly will this further the Palestinian cause?

And Fateh? Lamentable. They were voted out of office in what can only be described as a landslide defeat. But was any senior Fateh leader ousted as a result? Did any Fateh leader pay the price for the incompetence that led them from being practically the only faction of any note to second-best? No. And if the party is so corrupt that it cannot reckon with its own leaders, why should anyone have any faith in it?

And now, as Palestinians turn their weapons on each other in a fight to the finish, what will be the endgame? Because while there is some sense in trying to ensure that there is a monopoly on the use of force, the problem is, there never can be such a state of affairs as long as Israel continues its occupation.

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